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America was built by patriots who used guns to provide for their families, protect their homes and overthrow tyranny. I am a strong believer that those principles are what still makes America great and that the Second Amendment must be defended from liberals who would take away our hard-won rights. As a conservative gun owner with a concealed carry permit myself, I will vigorously fight any attempts to weaken the ability of law-abiding citizens to own firearms, to hunt or to defend themselves and their families.  (back to top)



Jobs and the Economy

Thanks to the conservative leadership from Governor Fallin and the state legislature, Oklahoma has avoided the worst of the recession. Oklahoma is blessed to have low unemployment and a low cost of living. However, there is still more we can do by reducing workers compensation costs, eliminating costly overregulation and improving our education and transportation infrastructure to attract new businesses. As your Senator, I will work to make Oklahoma a more attractive business environment to encourage more quality, high-paying  private sector jobs to come to our state. (back to top)




I am 100% committed to the pro-life movement and will do everything I can to help promote a culture of life in our state. As the father of an adopted daughter, I know firsthand the joy that can be brought about through tough circumstances. As such, as your Senator, I will do everything in my power, not just to bring about an end to abortion, but to promote alternatives by making it easier for Oklahomans to adopt, increasing the services available to women who choose to carry their babies and improving the state foster care system. (back to top)




As a physician, I have seen firsthand the impact that Obamacare has already had on health care. The President’s health care law is not just an unprecedented power grab by the federal government, it is actively undermining our health care system. Every day I hear stories from patients who have lost their health insurance coverage or seen their employers have to cut back in order to comply with the law’s requirements. Every day, physicians are hit with new mandates that drive up costs and force doctors to spend more time filling out paperwork and less with their patients. As a patient myself, I have seen my own health insurance premiums increase nearly 30 percent in the last year because of Obamacare.   I refuse to call it the AFFORDABLE Care Act…because it certainly IS NOT! As your Senator, I will do everything I can to free us from the oppressive regulations of Obamacare and work toward a health care system that works for Oklahoma patients instead of left-wing government bureaucrats. (back to top)



Access to Health Care

Besides Obamacare, access to health care is becoming one of the biggest obstacles facing patients in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma already faces a severe shortage of physicians and other health care providers, particularly in rural areas.  And as more providers leave practice due to the growing bureaucratic headaches, this problem is only getting worse.  As someone approaching retirement age myself, I am increasingly concerned about who will be there to treat my friends, family and myself  as we get older.  I believe that there is much more that the state can be doing to KEEP our current providers AND attract new ones to the state.


First, we must continue working to reduce the taxes and bureaucratic red tape that hinder any business. Oklahoma should be an attractive environment for all forms of business, including health care. I am a strong believer that patient safety and providing high quality care should be our health care providers’ top priorities, not wading through government mandates and paperwork.


Second, we need to make sure that we have the ability to keep the health care providers who so want to be here. Oklahoma currently has more students in medical school than we have available residencies.  As such, many of our best and brightest--in whom taxpayers have already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars--are forced to leave the state and are very unlikely to return.  As your Senator, I will work with our state's medical schools and hospitals to find creative ways to make sure that those new doctors who want to stay here have the ability to do so.


Finally, we need to work to provide incentives to encourage more people to enter health care fields.  In addition to physicians, we do not have enough nurses, physician assistants and other health care providers. We should be looking at how we compare to our surrounding states  to be certain that our reimbursement rates and other incentives can compete with anyone in our region. (back to top)




Providing the best quality education for our state's students should be our top priority. While funding is certainly a part of that, we already spend over half of the entire state budget on education. I think it is more important that we look at how those funds are spent and work to reduce administrative overhead and make sure that as many dollars as possible actually make their way into the classroom. We also need to be supporting our top teachers through merit pay.


I also believe that we need to give our students the best chance to succeed with the highest quality education. Over the years, the liberal educational establishment has "dumbed down" our state standards, helping test scores look better but leaving far too many students unprepared for the future.  (According to the State Regents for Higher Education, nearly 40 percent of Oklahoma college students must take some kind of remedial class before they can handle college-level material.). We MUST promote math, science, technology, and engineering in our schools. We need rigorous state educational standards to prepare our students and we need to hold our schools and state educational leaders accountable for preparing our students for the future in Oklahoma. And we should continue seeking creative avenues, including school vouchers, to provide the best opportunities for Oklahoma students.  (back to top)


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