Hi, I’m

Ervin Yen
and I am asking for your vote to be your next State Senator.

My family came to this country to escape Communism and build a better life. I am running for the Senate to help make sure that future generations have the same opportunity to achieve the American dream with which I have been blessed.

As a medical doctor, I have been on the front line in the fight against Obamacare and, with your help, we can push back against this frightening federal overreach. In the Senate, I pledge to fight for lower taxes, smaller government and to protect the sanctity of life.


This district is my home—I went to school here, I was married here, I’ve raised my family here, I work here and I worship here. I look forward to representing our district in the State Senate.


I am the conservative Republican who will keep pushing our state forward. I encourage you to check out the website to learn more about me and where I stand on the issues. And on June 24th, vote YES 4 YEN!

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Yen 4 Senate

9300 N. May Ave. #400-110

Oklahoma City, OK 73120

(405) 205-5473


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